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RadioWorks is a program that lets you save the tedious and, in some cases, complex calculations needed to design or evaluate the performance of a terrestrial antenna.

With RadioWorks, you can calculate the length of the antenna depending on it's frequency and wavelength. You can also calculate the loss of the signal according to the receiver model and power according to parameters such as distance, the type of terrain or obstacles to cover. The program intelligently utilizes tabs for different fields being tested so you can easily keep track of what you're looking at. You can also see how the program will react under different conditions Use the Distance and Power change prediction calculator to predict how a proposed transmitter such as increasing or a decreasing the power. If you're not a maths whizz, which I'm certainly not, all the mathematical formulas used by the application are on display which can be rather confusing although they are accompanies by explanations and usage information.

if you're setting up a radio system in a studio or house then this program may be of use but all others should stay away as it's rather complicated.

RadioWORKS is a tool for calculating various items related to radio waves and radio wave propagation. Get detailed information about a frequency, such as the free-space wavelength, proper antenna lengths for common wavelength ratios, band classification, propagation methods, common transmitter configurations, etc.

Calculate path loss using the Free-Space, Flat-Earth, ITU Terrain, Hata Urban, Hata Suburban, Hata Open Area, or Empirical COST-Walfisch-Ikegami (Also known as 'COST 231') non Line-of-Sight (n-LoS) and Line-of-Sight (LoS) mathematical models -- OR -- run the models backwards to get the matching distance for a given path loss value.

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RadioWORKS 2.0

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    It is a useful tool for a radio planner.
    It is having some problem connecting to Geo Data Service....can anyone ...   More

  • by Anonymous

    Decent! Well worth the price!.
    1 many useful tools combined into 1 reminds me of the Swiss army knife 2 produc...   More